Lakes Fire Update in Yosemite

LAKES – 37 35.6 x 119 33.6 approximate 8000 feet elevation

Mariposa County

The Lakes Fire in the Chilnualna Lakes area, between Turner Meadow and Buena Vista Peak, is a lightning caused fire that is being managed for multiple objectives.  An aerial flight was performed on September 10, 2016 and the fire was reported to be 755 acres in size.  The fire had previously spread to the area of the 1999 Chil Fire area and is most active on the northwest and west edge of the perimeter.  Smoke has been visible from various locations within the park and surrounding area.

Yosemite National Park Superintendent, Don Neubacher, signed a trail closure effective August 25, 2016, as the fire had crossed the trail along Chilnualna Creek.  Please reference the trail segment marked on the accompanying map.

Lakes Fire Trail Closure

Lakes Fire Trail Closure

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