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    The National Park Service (NPS) celebrates its 100th anniversary Aug. 25. Earlier this summer a new study put an overall value on the more than 400 national parks, monuments, scenic rivers, and historic sites in the NPS system. It asked a representative group of Americans if it was “important to me that National Parks are preserved for current and future generations whether I visit them or not.” Their reply: 94.9 percent agreed. The survey also asked respondents to say how much extra they would be willing to pay annually in taxes over a 10-year period to ensure the existence of the national parks. The answer: $92 billion. The report went on to note that this “total economic valuation,” as economists call it, was a “conservative” estimate of the parks’ true value. Read More: http://www.csmonitor.com/Commentary/the-monitors-view/2016/0809/The-National-Parks-at-100 So, we ask you... How much extra would you be willing to pay annually in taxes over a 10-year period to ensure the existence of the national parks?997025_1_080916NationalParks100_standard
    Dramatic changes may force park managers to choose which species will live, and which will die Today the NPS is confronting the most daunting challenge it has faced in its 100-year history: human-influenced climate change, which promises to transform not only these iconic landscapes but also the plants and animals who inhabit them. This looming threat to our nation’s parks recently attracted the attention of President Obama, who visited Yosemite National Park to speak about how climate change is damaging the parks. Without action, Obama warned, Yosemite and many other national parks could be dramatically different places 50 years hence. "Make no mistake," he said. "Climate change is no longer just a threat—it's already a reality." Read More: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/how-climate-change-transforming-national-parks-iconic-animals-and-plants-180960046/?no-ististock_15730182_medium_720.jpg__800x600_q85_crop
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