Update: Missing Hikers in Yosemite are Located

A search continued this morning for two Fullerton firefighters who were missing in Yosemite National Park. Firefighter and paramedic Dave Brown (33 years old) and Capt. Javier Avelar (43 years old) have been located.

The pair, experienced hikers, had filed an itinerary with the National Parks Service before they departed. Authorities began searching for them when they did not arrive back from their hike as planned. Their vehicles were discovered at the park on Monday.

Brown walked into a ranger station shortly before noon Tuesday.

Deputy Chief Julie Kunze said;
“He’s in good health. I don’t have a lot of details, but at some point along the way they were separated.”

Avelar was located about an hour later. His condition and the location of his recovery were not immediately known.

Fullerton Fire Chief Wolfgang Knabe said:
“This is the positive outcome we were looking for.”

No further details were available at the time of this posting.

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    1. Elizabeth Christie
      Elizabeth Christie

      Exactly what I was about to type. No descriptions, photos, unless the car was found in the Valley.. Where was it? FB postings, Google searches? I have a hard time believing they weren’t talking to ANYOne about their plans. Any pings from cell phones? I have the free time to volunteer in the search.. But there isn’t even contact info to help. They have a potential army of hikers that will help folks..

    2. Mathew D Sands
      Mathew D Sands

      Exactly my point. This is all the info that was given to media outlets. Nobody has any more info. You can blame NPS for not keeping us informed.