Most Common Mistakes Made By Campers

Please don’t bring your home in your camp location and don’t leave any necessary camping gear at home. So when it’s time to wrap up your things for the escapade, double or triple check your checklist to see if everything you need for the camping trip is all set. The most basic checklist should be composed of camping tents, sleeping bags, cooking and eating utensils, batteries, cookware, clothing, flashlight, food and water, knife, first aid kit, matches, and insect repellent among others.

One of the common mistakes committed by beginners is wearing inappropriate clothes for camping. It is recommended that you put on rain gear even if there’s no sign of rain. Bring along a jacket, pants, and a hat made from wool or synthetic fleece. It is also important that you change your clothes when you go to bed to avoid insulation of moisture inside the tent that could result to a colder environment.

Another common mistake is tent placement. Do set up your tent in a smooth area minus the sticks, rocks and other things that could tear your tent apart. It’s a good thing that you place a tarp or protective sheet such as a tent footprint to act as a barrier under your tent. And as a reminder, don’t set up your tent under tree branches. Trees may have dead branches that can land on your tent which may result in injury or death. Also, don’t place your tent in animal’s pathways. You don’t want to put up a fight with them, do you?

Your tents for camping are for sleeping so eating or even cooking as well as lighting up a lantern inside the tent is a big No! No! Cooking and lighting is dangerous as these may lead to fire and eating inside your camping tent can attract ants and critters. Worst come to worst, accidents may happen during camping. And campers sometimes forget to bring a first aid kit. This should be included in your checklist and must include medical tape, band aids, wipes and tweezers.

Don’t leave garbage or kill animals while camping for no good reason at all. The camp site or forest is not there for your own use. Be careful with fire in the camp site. Always follow laws and regulations and drink lots of water. You need to inform someone where you’re going and when you’re planning to return. With these few tips and avoiding the common mistakes mentioned above, you’ll have a safe and enjoyable camping escapade. Good luck!

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