Waterfalls That Are Absolutely Stunning

Waterfalls are probably one of the most magnificent and peaceful places to visit in the world. Mother Nature really knew what she was doing when she created these spectacular visions of beauty, known to us as waterfalls. If you love to view waterfalls the following waterfalls you just don’t want to miss.

Victoria Falls-
This is a very well known waterfall located in Victoria National Park in Africa. This wonder in 5700 feet wide and 350 feet high. When you look at the waterfalls you’ll think they go on forever.

Yosemite Falls-
This waterfall is located in California in the Yosemite National Park. This waterfall reaches an amazing 2425 feet high. It has twist and turns, plus a horsetail that make it a truly marvelous natural beauty to gaze at.

Inga Falls-
This is one of the largest waterfalls in the world because it is made up of rapids. It’s also has a lot of beautiful red hued rock formations with it. This fall is located in Africa on the Congo River.

This is the 5th highest waterfall in the world and is located in Peru. It is also a beautiful tiered waterfall with rock and plant like formations that make it absolutely stunning.

Colonial Falls-
This waterfall is tucked away in North Cascade National Park in Washington. Not only is this 2500 foot tiered waterfall an amazing site but so is the surrounding dark green forest.

Angel Falls-
This is the tallest waterfall in the world, in fact it earns that title by more then 100 feet over the runner up. It totals 3212 feet and has a spectacular 2648 foot plunge. This waterfall is located in Venezuela inside the Canaima National Park.

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