Yosemite Just Grew by 400 Acres

Have you heard the great news? Yosemite National Park grew by 400 acres this week!

Ackerson Meadow was purchased earlier this year from private owners by the Trust for Public Land, using $2.3 million in funds provided by the Yosemite Conservancy, with support from the National Park Trust and American Rivers. The Trust then donated the land to the National Park Service.

Ackerson Meadow. Photo: NPS

Ackerson Meadow. Photo: NPS

The new addition to the park, a stretch of land along the western boundary of Yosemite, has historically been used for logging and cattle grazing. The area includes a sprawling grassy meadow, wetlands and rolling hills dotted with tall pine trees, and is known to be home to at least two endangered species.

Yosemite Conservancy President Frank Dean said:
“The original Yosemite boundary plans of 1890 included Ackerson Meadow, so it is exciting to finally have this important place protected. The purchase supports the long term health of the meadow and its wild inhabitants, and creates opportunities for visitors to experience a beautiful Sierra meadow.”

Yosemite Park’s Superintendent, Don Neubacher, said:
“The generous donation of Ackerson Meadow will preserve critical meadow habitat that is home to a number of state and federally listed protected species. This meadow is a remarkable gift to the American people, coming at a historic time as we celebrate the Centennial of the National Park Service.”

While the latest addition to Yosemite is less than 0.05 percent of the park’s total area, it is still the biggest addition to the park since 1949.

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    UPDATE: U.S. lawmaker says expansion of Yosemite National Park violated federal law, needs congressional approval. “The Park Service acted outside of its authority, and we will require them to account for their actions,” said the Utah Republican, who chairs the House Natural Resources Committee, which has oversight of public land